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Float Nets Ready Made and Pre-Fitted

I supply ready-made and pre- fitted Glass Float Nets for most sizes of Floats.  They are available in Premium Manila Rope, Premium Cotton Rope,Premium Hemp Rope and Sisal Rope.  Prices vary for type of rope and size of the Float.  The Net style is Asian Long-Line.  The Buyer can place the Float inside the Net and then finish it with the instructions available on this Site. The  Diameter of the Rope used is determined by the size of the Float.  Nets can be made for 1.5" diameter floats up to 12" diameter and beyond.

Net Ready For Float
1/4" Premium Cotton Rope
Float inside Ready-Made Manila Net
1/4" Premium Manila Rope
Manila Nets Ready to Go
Manila Rope is a Natural fiber Rope made from the Abaca plant,  a type of Banana grown in the Phillipines
Float inside Ready-Made Cotton Net
DSC02837 (1).JPG
1/4" Sisal Rope on 10" Float
Sisal Rope
Sisal Rope is a very good quality natural fiber rope made from the agave plant,  a type of cactus grown in Mexico and South America
DSC02839 (1).JPG
Sisal Rope
Heavier Rope, 3/8" Manila is used for the bigger Float Nets beyond 12" Diameter up to 16" Diameter.  The Rope is much heavier and requires a lot more effort in the making but the finished Net is very impressive and really increases the over all size of the Float
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